Valuing transparency, the legal department of the Açotubo Group is responsible for interfacing with various sectors of our organization, with the mission of helping the company and its customers to define strategies that lead to risk prevention.

The legal department is available to our customers, partners, and suppliers to answer any questions about compliance, contracts, lawsuits, or renegotiations that may be necessary.

Legal department contacts: and (11) 2413-2048.

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Note on Fake Bills

Note on Fake E-mails



The Açotubo Group has adopted all the necessary measures to adapt its activities to the General Law of Personal Data Protection, which came into force on 09.18.2020!

In this sense, the Açotubo Group’s planning was reformulated and the guidelines for Personal Data Protection were incorporated into its strategic items.

In accordance with article 41, of the General Law of Data Protection – LGPD (Law No. 13,709/2018), the Açotubo Group has appointed Ms. Miriam Barbaroto.

Açotubo’s Officer in Charge is available to receive complaints and communications from the holders of personal data, in addition to providing clarifications and adopting any necessary measures for compliance with the General Law on Data Protection.

Feel free to get in touch via e-mail: or by phone: 11 2413-2000 ext. 3181, if you have any problems regarding the protection of your personal data.

LGPD Certificate


After all, what is Compliance? Compliance is the set of ethical and legal rules and procedures, which, aligned with the cultural guidelines of the Açotubo Group, serves as guidance to the behavior we expect from our employees, suppliers and partners.

It’s the Açotubo Group’s way of doing business!

All of our employees, partners, and suppliers must know and comply with the guidelines contained in our Compliance Manual.

Below is the link to download our Compliance manual.

Compliance Manual