Incotep - Anchoring Systems

Incotep was founded in 2002, and is a company of the Açotubo Group, which operates in the manufacturing and development of high quality prestressing and anchoring systems, used in geotechnical and structural applications.

It has inventory for immediate delivery and works with customized solutions for each geological profile, seeking to meet the customers' needs. With a trained and experienced team, it is able to provide technical assistance in projects, as well as guidance and monitoring of work if necessary.

The quality of its products resulted in the achievement of ISO 9001:2015 Certification by DNV (Det Norske Veritas), ensuring compliance with international standards.

Discover our solutions for your projects.

Check out Incotep's main products below:

- Monobar Rods and Self-injecting Rods
- Wire Ropes
- Root Pile Coating
- Helical Piles
- Pipe Umbrella

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About IncoCube

Incotep, is pleased to present the right arm of your knowledge!
It is in our DNA to pay attention to the needs of the market, and we are always looking for
bring solutions with innovation and technology in our products and services.

In this search, we found that there is a lack of information on Geotechnical topics,
generating complications from the project phase to the execution of the works.

Thinking about this, we created the IncoClube, a portal to divulge and discuss relevant subjects
related to geotechnics, foundations, and construction.

The IncoClube is a collaborative platform where all members can contribute,
bringing the news of the sector, construction cases, technical articles and videos, and there will also be
an area with training offers, downloadable materials, and access to the agenda of the
major events in the Civil Construction, Energy, and Mining markets.