Fake Bills:

Bank payment bills are one of the payment methods used by the Açotubo Group.

  • Here are some precautions to avoid paying fraudulent bills:
  • Changes to bill data can happen in several ways. To ensure your security, always check the information on your bill.
  • Amount, payee name, bank mark and code, and bill numbering must be the same throughout the document.
  • If, when you receive or print the bill, you notice spelling mistakes, smudges or smudges on the printout, substandard formatting, or any other feature that looks strange, be suspicious. If you receive phone calls or e-mail messages informing you of the need to replace collection bills you have already received, be suspicious.

The company and the bank already have your data, so never pass on personal information by phone or e-mail. If in doubt, contact our accounts receivable department, by phone 11 2413-2000.